August 3, 2021 | TEAM WORK

Keeping the Spark: How We Stay Creative and Inspired at Millennial Web Development

Staying inspired in the web design and development field.

At Millennial Web Development, if we’ve learned nothing else, we’ve learned that there’s a lot to this web development stuff. You have to be organized, focused, smart, communicative, informed, up-to-date, professional, unique, and yeah, you’ll probably be burning the midnight oil more than a few times.


We know that sounds like a lot, but these qualities all flow from a common source: your sense of creativity and inspiration. Inspiration is the gas in the tank that keeps you feeling fresh and productive, ensuring that you’re able to match the most visionary businesses with the most visionary websites.

So, how do we do it? How do we stay inspired after so many years in the game?

Staying inspired is a muscle that you have to work, and, like any exercise regime, it’s helpful to have a few pointers on where to start. Here are some of the ways that we stay creative and inspired at MWD.


  • Always a Student, Never a Master

    Fundamental to staying inspired is your capacity to learn from others. Make it a part of your job to explore the design and development concepts that others have created, taking notes and borrowing the odd idea when it feels right. And this doesn’t only apply to web design – you can find design inspiration from anything from film to poetry to architecture and beyond! The important thing is that you stay hungry for ideas, always on the lookout for a creative spark.


  • Staying on Top of the Tech

    In the tech world, it seems like there’s a new update almost as often as there’s a new Kardashian – and that’s saying something! Technology brings ideas into being. It is the paintbrush that transforms a painter’s thoughts into living works of art. If you have a fresh idea, you need fresh technology to realize it (just imagine trying to paint the Mona Lisa without a paintbrush!). That’s why it’s important to stay on top of all the latest design and coding updates, as each new one stretches the limits of what’s possible in the design/development world, opening up new ideas and visions for you.


  • Business Concept + Design Concept = Harmony

    Often, a good source of inspiration comes directly from the company or client you are designing for. What are the client’s values? What are their goals? What’s the philosophy behind the business? Trying to translate the business philosophy into design and functionality concepts can spark all kinds of ideas, and when the client’s mission harmonizes with the site design, that’s when you start to get some really unique and inspiring stuff.


  • It’s All In The Details

    Ever look at something under a microscope? You can really find a lot when you zoom in. Even if you already have a great site on the go, it’s a good exercise to look at the details and identify areas where there is an opportunity for a design improvement, or an outside-the-box functionality idea. Take a page where you have some basic content – can you think of a way to make it into a unique user experience? There are always ways to make your designs more interesting, and you’d be surprised at how combing over details can often bloom into cool macro concepts.


  • Put The Time In

    This is a simple one: just sit down and get to work. All the tips we’ve given so far are only effective if you put the time in and really work with your designs, because anyone can have an inspired idea, but it’s doing the work that is truly transformative. So try it out: sit down for a few hours and get started, something will come of it, trust us!

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