Convenient, Comprehensive

Website Maintenance

Keeping your website operating at its best

High Performance

Today’s cutting-edge websites require custom maintenance services to keep them operating at 100%.

Web Maintenance

We offer comprehensive website maintenance services to keep your website fast, secure and free from glitches and errors.

First Impressions

Your website is often a visitor’s first impression of your business. If your website isn’t performing at 100%, visitors are getting the wrong impression.

Website Maintenance Services

Our website maintenance services keep websites looking and functioning at their best.

Services include:

Website backups (daily)

Performance monitoring (daily)

Security monitoring (daily)

WordPress version updates (weekly)

Plugin version updates (weekly)

and more.

$79 / month

We can also tailor a website maintenance program to serve your unique needs.
Website maintenance services from Millennial Web Development start at just $79 per month.

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