How Chicago’s Very Own Millennial Web Development is Making it Happen with the Chicago Business Community (and Abroad)

How Chicago’s Very Own Millennial Web Development is Making it Happen with the Chicago Business Community (and Abroad)


We went into this business because we knew we could provide a better quality web design and development product for local Chicago businesses at a competitive price. We started our work with a hyperlocal focus, even working with a business that was on the same block as our office. Since then, we’ve been able to create great websites for everyone from local mom-and-pop shops, to independent start-ups, to international corporations valued in the billions.

Doing Our Part in the Chicago Business Community

Chicago pride runs deep at Millennial and there’s nothing that makes us happier than contributing to the Chicago business community in the best way that we know — by creating cutting edge, advanced and contemporary websites. Even though you could work with a developer in a different city, we are convinced that the web development process is aided by proximity, being able to meet in person (when COVID permits) and being bound by our love for the same great city.

We’re the Go-To Agency for Countless Chicago Businesses.

Here is a brief list of our work in the Chicago business community:

  • For starters, we’re proud of our work with Share-A-Sale, a Chicago-based affiliate marketing network. With the help of our cutting-edge web development services, Share-A-Sale currently works with over 15,200 merchants, over 211,000 publishers, and made $150 million in sales in 2019.
    Share-A-Sale is one of the largest affiliate marketing networks of its kind in the U.S, and with a reputation like that, they needed a website built with the latest and greatest techniques. That’s why Share-A-Sale turned to Millennial Web Development for the vision and world-class UX that only we provide.

    Although Share-A-Sale operates on an international scale as part of the global affiliate network Awin, they are based in the River North neighborhood right here in Chicago, where Millennial Web Development continues to serve the local business community.


  • We have been providing design and development services for Chicago Harbors for a number of years. This iconic organization manages all the municipal lakefront recreational harbors, from Montrose Harbor to Jackson Park Outer Harbor, accommodating some 6000+ boats. For us, it’s an honor to work with an organization that has such a profound impact on the city. And, we’re excited to say that we’ve been working on a new project for them as well. Stay tuned!

  • We worked with the Illinois Primary Health Care Association (IPHCA) to launch their great site. This is an organization that advocates for, trains, and organizes community health centers around the state of Illinois. It has been fantastic to collaborate with them on their powerful mission.

  • Our work with Chicago’s Zeller Realty has helped them to become one of the foremost commercial real estate investment and development firms in Chicago, owning and operating nearly 10.2 million square feet of space, valued at $2.9 billion, with an ever-expanding portfolio of national holdings.

  • We’re very proud of our work for Hermes NVC, a Chicago-based world-class trucking outfit with an ever-growing client list, and a rapidly expanding fleet of premium trucks, now operating routes in 48 states and delivering over 100 loads per week. We loved making their site’s side-scrolling interface, which shows off those beautiful, long trucks in all their glory. It’s hard to imagine their website without this great feature!

  • MWD’s design for the Diagnostic Imaging Specialists of Chicago website does justice to the cutting-edge technological service that they provide, presented in a clean, straightforward way that makes it easy to get started on making informed, confident decisions about mammography, biopsy or ultrasound.

  • With the help of MWD’s inspired web development, Chicago Southeast Side Parks has been working to reclaim multiple tracts of habitat across the Southeast Side, while in the process giving Chicagoans the opportunity to discover their city through eco-recreational activities like biking at Big Marsh Park, climbing the iconic ore walls at Steelworkers Park, birding at Indian Ridge Marsh and so much more. We were so proud to work with this important organization on a project that provides benefit to all Chicagoans.

Our work beyond Chicago

While our heart is in Chicago, the extent and reach of our work spans the globe. Millennial Web Development works with a wide variety of innovative, national and international companies with net worths of over $1 billion:


  • Lime (formerly, “Limebike”), an electric bike and e-scooter sharing company launched in over 70 markets around the world, secured a $335 million dollar investment from Uber and Google thanks to the site MWD built for them.

  • Our work with TeamViewer has helped them become one of the most well-used remote access/support systems in the world, having been installed on over 2.5 billion devices.

  • Brio Solar Energy has brought the future of solar energy to thousands of homes across the nation.

Whether your project is international in scope, or you have Chicago’s bustling community in mind, Millennial Web Development has the pixel perfect UI, conversion oriented UX & clean front end code that you need to get your dream to where it needs to be!
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