We designed and developed the
website for Peterson Wealth Advisors, a retirement planning firm based in Utah.


We were happy to work with the kind folks at Peterson Wealth Advisors on a new site for their retirement planning and asset management business. The site they had was dated and we felt that it could better target their specific audience. In discussions with the client, we also realized that a big challenge of their business is turning the complex and emotionally fraught subject of retirement into something that feels straightforward and actionable.

The final site, when it launched, got a lot of good feedback from their audience and has provided them a marked increase in engagement.

Key Aspects

Targeting an Older Audience

Peterson’s target audience is adults in the early stages of retirement planning, as well as retirees. We knew that the site would only be successful if it catered to this age group. Our design approach included larger fonts, clear and simple navigation, as well as animation that enhances website functionality.

Complex Information Made Straightforward

Retirement planning is anything but straightforward. It’s not only complex, it’s also emotionally fraught (will I be able to retire comfortably?) so it’s difficult to make this subject something that people actually want to engage with. We worked with Peterson to find ways to make the information they offer clear and engaging. Infographics, short copy snippets, lots of headlines, as well as many photos and videos make the subject approachable and engaging.

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Retirement Income
powered by
The Perennial Income Model™

Your retirement plan begins and ends with The Perennial Income Model.  It informs all decisions related to your fulfilling retirement. 

Social Security & Pensions

  • Decide when to claim Social Security
  • Create lasting income
  • Keep pace with inflation

Investment Management

  • Grow and protect your savings
  • Proper asset allocation
  • Held to a fiduciary standard
  • Access plan performance 24/7

Tax Planning

  • Have annual tax return prepared
  • Maximize charitable giving tax benefit
  • Conduct annual tax planning consultation
  • Reduce taxes over the long term

Medicare & Health Insurance

  • Apply for Medicare
  • Pre-Medicare insurance planning
  • Fund long-term care or disability

Legacy & Estate Planning

  • Provide advice when life’s uncertainties happen
  • Protect and provide for spouse and heirs
  • Estate plan creation and updates
  • Educate you and your family

Your Fulfilling Retirement

Money icon - spend your retirement income with confidence

Spend with confidence

Home icon - enjoy your retirement with your family

Enjoy time with your family

People icon - serve your community during your retirement

Serve your community

  • Provide advice when life’s uncertainties happen
  • Protect and provide for spouse and heirs
  • Estate plan creation and updates
  • Educate you and your family

Make the Case with Media

In our conversations with Peterson, we encouraged them to develop a lot of media that could help make their business case. Everywhere you look on the site, you see older adults smiling at the camera, looking like very happy retired people. We also made sure to put some prominent video from the principal advisors, giving visitors a sense of the kind of excellent treatment they would get as clients.


Jim was great to work with! The website looks amazing and he was very responsive whenever we needed to tweak it. I'd definitely recommend working with Jim and his team.

- Quote from Alex, a partner and senior advisor at Peterson Wealth


Since launching their new site, Peterson has seen increases in multiple engagement metrics. The site gets great feedback from their clients and they’ve been building their business thanks to a smartly designed, well developed and optimized site.

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