The New York Food Truck Association (NYFTA) is an organization of the most interesting and impressive food trucks in New York City.


They are single-handedly bringing innovation and excellence to the New York Food Truck experience.

Offering services like catering and mobile kitchens, they are changing how New Yorkers think of and engage with food trucks. We wanted their new site to capture the spirit of innovation, excitement and community that we saw from their organization. We also wanted more people to know about them, so we set to work creating a site that prioritized user experience and search engine optimization (SEO).

Key Aspects

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (or “SEO” for short) means optimizing the site’s content so that Google and other search engines deliver their pages in relevant search queries. Before we worked on their site, they weren’t coming up in many relevant searches. If you would search “Food Truck New York” they would be buried on page five. Now, they are on page one. For consumer-facing businesses like NYFTA, this is a crucial element to the success of their business model and has been instrumental in increasing visibility and business.

Interactive User Experience

Food Trucks are fun, casual and exciting. We wanted the experience that a user has on the page to be described the same way. So, we set about creating interactive elements of the site with this in mind. Check out the food truck that drives across the bottom of the screen, asking you to book a food truck for your event. We tried to capture the casual and fun ethos of the site in the multi-step Book Now form, which uses graphics and images of delicious food to simplify and expedite the process. Check it out.


The NYFTA site almost designed itself. We knew that this would be a fun site to design, and we really dug into the process, enjoying all the crafty graphics, the tantalizing images of delicious food, and the casual nature of food truck dining. By focusing on SEO and making sure that the site is easy and fun to interact with, we’ve seen NYFTA find new success. The new website and the visibility it offers have helped them grow their business, soliciting new member food trucks and new clients.

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