The stakeholders at Let’s Bake Believe have reported newfound success with the website, including 80,000 new visitors in the first three months after launch, for some 230,000 page views.


Let’s Bake Believe needed a new website after a rebranding. Their no-sugar-added products were as pertinent as ever to changing eating habits, and they needed to put their best foot forward to keep interest in their chocolate chips strong.

Their no-sugar-added products were as pertinent as ever to changing eating habits, and they needed to put their best foot forward to keep interest in their chocolate chips strong. They approached us to design and develop their new website, incorporating both a local store-finding tool, as well as e-commerce functionality so that visitors could order the products directly from the site. We are proud of the result: a website that seamlessly integrates their branding and allows visitors to find products locally or order them easily.

Key Aspects

Uniform Branding

In food manufacturing, branding takes on a whole new level of importance. The value that we place on food items is very much influenced by how the packaging appears. So, after Bake Believe’s intensive rebranding efforts, we knew that we needed to find ways to utilize their brand conventions on the website to stunning effect. We wanted the experience of the website to be a complete brand experience in which the visitor has the feeling that they are interacting with the products themselves. Large product images and totally integrated fonts and colors helped. We wanted visitors to be able to almost taste the delicious Bake Believe chocolate.

Local Store Finder

Want to find Bake Believe chocolate chips or melting wafers near you? Put your zip code or city/town and the product you are looking for, and you’ll get a list of stores where the products are sold. We used Destini Product Locators API to accomplish this functionality and make finding the Let’s Bake Believe products easier.


When visitors find that there are no stores in the area that carry the product, or if it is simply more convenient, they can order the products online. We wanted to keep the shopping experience light and quick, allowing visitors to order products in only a couple clicks – not requiring signing up for an account. We loved that Let’s Bake Believe wanted to cross over from being a solely B2B manufacturer to also selling B2C. This is something we have encouraged a number of our clients to do, as it is often less work than what might be assumed.


We have become the fastest growing brand in the entire category for which we compete and the website is a big part of the discovery process for our new brand…

In my opinion, Millennial Web Development's key strength is that they are skilled in creating a website that is able to be managed by the client after development is complete. Having worked with other agencies and vendors, some refuse to make the website user friendly to the client so they can hold the keys and continue to bill for the simplest of updates and others simply aren't capable of making a back-end that is intuitive.

- Quote from Ryan, the brand manager at Lets Bake Believe


Selling a consumer product online has its own challenges. An ideal website should give visitors the experience of interacting with the product itself, as much as possible: real estate agents want to use the web to give visitors the experience of walking into a stunning home; clothing companies want to give visitors the experience of touching the fabric. And companies like Let’s Bake Believe want to give visitors a similar experience to enjoying the smell and the taste of their foods. That’s what we did for Bake Believe, using their stunning product packaging and brand identity – and we also made it easy for those visitors to find and order the chips in a few clicks. It was a pleasure to work with this exciting, forward-thinking company!

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