DashTwo is an advertising and media company that creates advertising campaigns seen all around the world.


When they approached us to design their new website, we knew that it would have to be as dynamic and memorable as their creative ad campaigns.

Our approach was to focus on a homepage that immediately catches the visitor’s attention. We also spent a lot of time and energy working on the blog page, as their blog articles tend to be shared widely and are a source of a considerable portion of their traffic. The client was very happy with the result, as the site has been getting the company newfound attention.

Key Aspects


All websites have a homepage, but not all websites have one as captivating as Dashtwo’s. We spent a lot of time working with the company to design a homepage that would give a sense of the power of their ad campaigns. The homepage also features a rare, vertical slider – something that we think adds to the uniqueness of their site.

Simplified Navigation

As is often the case, when we began this project DashTwo had overly complex navigation for their site, with multiple subpages and tertiary navigation options. We simplified that, and made it a little easier to access the inner pages. It worked. They have reported that users are more engaged and navigate to more pages.

Blog Page

DashTwo has a powerful blog, which is read widely and referenced by many other sites. They are a leader in the field. So we knew that we needed to make the blog page impressive and easy to navigate, to show off all their great content.


Jim’s ability to assist us on our project was terrific. After our briefing, Jim saw what we were looking to improve upon, fix and discard quickly and efficiently. He presented us with a great site report that we extensively went through together. His attention to detail was impressive and he stayed in constant communication throughout the project.

- Quote from Gino, the Founder and CEO of DashTwo


By creating a visually impressive and well organized site, focusing a lot of attention on the homepage and blog, we were able to bring Dashtwo’s web presence to the next level.

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